Jones & McKenna Family History
Jones & McKenna Family History

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Fox & Hounds, Cotherstone, North Yorkshire

Dixon Family

Edna Isabella Dixon, b. 21-Nov-1923 in South Bank, North Yorkshire, daughter of Thomas William Dixon and Mary Josephine (nee McKirgan), d. 18-May-1999 in Guisborough, North Yorkshire. Married John Joseph McKenna on 1-Sep-1945 at St Peters R.C. Church, South Bank, North Yorkshire.




Thomas William Dixon, b. 29-Aug-1875 in Newcastle upon Tyne, son of Thomas Routledge Dixon and Isabella (nee Allon), d. 23-Sep-1952 in Teesville, South Bank, North Yorkshire, buried 26-Sep-1952 at Eston Cemetery, North Yorkshire. Married (1) Mary Ellen Storey in CIR 1903. Mary Ellen Storey b. CIR 1877 in Stokesley, North Yorkshire, then married (2) Mary Josephine McKirgan on 12-May-1923 at St Peter's RC Church, South Bank, North Yorkshire.

Mary Josephine McKirgan, b. 28-Sep 1894 in Ballymena, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, daughter of James McKirgan and Jane Bridget (nee Lowden), d. 28-Jan-1967 in Teesville, South Bank, North Yorkshire.



Thomas Routledge Dixon, b. 3-Dec-1845 in North Bidduck, Fatfield, Co Durham, son of Joseph Routledge Dixon and Mary (nee Neasom), d. 26-May-1915 in Marske, North Yorkshire, buried 29-May-1915 in St Germains & St Mark Church, Marske, North Yorkshire. Married Isabella Allon on 27-Jan-1874 at St Ann's Church in Auckland, County Durham.

Isabella Allon, b. 21-Jul-1852 in Cotherstone, North Yorkshire, daughter of Robert Allon and Ann (nee Raine), buried 03-Jan-1934 in Marske, North Yorkshire.

James McKirgan, b CIR 1863 in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, son of John McKirgan.  Married Jane Bridget Lowden on 29-Dec-1885 in Ballymena, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Jane Bridget Lowden, b. CIR 1866 in Kilrea, Co. Derry, Northern Ireland, daughter of George Lowden, d. 4-Aug-1924 in South Bank, North Yorkshire.



Great Grandparents

Joseph Routledge Dixon, b. 21-Feb-1819 in Gateshead, Co. Durham, son of John Dixon and Margaret (nee Routledge). Married Mary Neasom on 13-Nov-1841 in Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham.

Mary Neasom, bap. 10-Oct-1819 in Esh, Co Durham, daughter of John Neasom. and Elizabeth (?).

Robert Allon, bap. 17-Aug-1818 in Appleby, Westmoreland, son of William Allon and Nanny (nee Warton), d 1-Feb-1893 in Cotherstone, North Yorkshire.  Married (1) Ann Raine on 12-Apr-1843 in Romaldkirk, North Yorkshire, then married (2) Isabella Spooner in CIR 1868. Isabella Spooner b. CIR 1838 in Cotherstone, North Yorkshire, d. 01-Feb-1921 in Cotherstone, North Yorkshire.

Ann Raine, bap. 22-Sep-1822 in Romaldkirk, North Yorkshire, daughter of Thomas Raine and Ann Foster, d. 28-Jul-1864 in Cotherstone, North Yorkshire.


John McKirgan


George Lowden



Great Great Grandparents

John Dixon. Married Margaret Routledge.

Margaret Routledge.

John Neasom. Married Elizabeth (?).
Elizabeth (?), b. CIR 1796 in Fatfield, Co. Durham.

William Allon, b. in Crosby Ravensworth, Westmoreland.  Married Nanny Warton on 3-Feb-1806 in St Michaels Church, Appleby, Westmoreland.

Nanny Warton, bap. 24-Jul-1779 in Appleby, Westmoreland, daughter of Robert Warton and Jane (nee Atkinson), buried 18-May-1857 in Appleby, Westmoreland.

Thomas Raine, bap. 12-May-1799 in Romaldkirk, North Yorkshire, son of Thomas Raine and Ann (nee Cowlin), d. 01-Dec-1860 in Eggleston, Co. Durham,  buried 05-Dec-1860 in Romaldkirk Cemetery, North Yorkshire. Married Ann Foster on 4-Mar-1821 in Romaldkirk, North Yorkshire.

Ann Foster, b. CIR 1799 in Lunedale, North Yorkshire, d. 15-Dec-1876 in Cotherstone, North Yorkshire, buried 19-Dec-1876 in Romaldkirk Cemetery, North Yorkshire.



3rd Great Grandparents

Robert Warton bap. 6-Feb-1754 in Orton,Westmoreland, son of Anthony Wharton and Sarah (nee Troutbeck). Married Jane Atkinson on 9-Sep-1777 in Appleby, Westmoreland.

Jane Atkinson.

Thomas Raine, bap. 11-Aug-1767 in Stepends, Romaldkirk, North Yorkshire, son of William Raine and Ann (nee Airey), d. 20-Dec-1844 in Stepends, Romaldkirk, North Yorkshire.  Married Ann Cowlin on 30-May-1793 in Romaldkirk, North Yorkshire.

Ann Cowlin, b. 19-Sep-1773 in West Briscoe, Romaldkirk, North Yorkshire, d. 24-Jan-1837 at Park End Farm, Crossthwaite, North Yorkshire, buried 27-Jan-1837 in Romaldkirk, North Yorkshire.


4th Great Grandparents

Anthony Wharton. Married Sarah Troutbeck on 16-Nov-1747 in Orton, Westmoreland.


Sarah Troutbeck.


William Raine, bap. 12-Jun-1715 in Romaldkirk, North Yorkshire, son of William Raine and Ann (nee Tincklar).  Married Ann Airey on 22-Aug-1745 in Romaldkirk, North Yorkshire.

Ann Airey, b. CIR 1724 in Romaldkirk, North Yorkshire, buried 25-May-1771 in Romaldkirk Cemetery, North Yorkshire.


5th Great Grandparents

William Raine, b. CIR 1683 in Holwick, North Yorkshire.  Married Ann Tincklar on 20-Jun-1703 in Romaldkirk, North Yorkshire.

Ann Tincklar, b CIR 1686 in Holwick, North Yorkshire.